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Live Well. Do Good.



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"Thousands of candles can be lit from one single candle,
and the life of the first candle will not be shortened."

Based in Beverly Hills, Give Great Group is a boutique, private philanthropy advisory firm. Our approach recognizes that philanthropy is deeply personal and accordingly, our services are tailored to a small portfolio of long-term clients.

Our experience has shown us that philanthropy can be both a collection of financial opportunities, as well as a powerful catalyst, for individuals and families.

Call today to learn how a private philanthropy advisor can be the right addition to your advising team.


Live Well. Do Good. Give Great.

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Does your giving need focus? Or perhaps you're ready to develop a meaningful governance structure that better reflects your situation. We can help.


Life events (ie. births, age-based milestones) as well as business events (ie. liquidations, acquisitions) impact our giving in a number of ways. Be ready.


Raising children of wealth is no small task. Nor is ensuring that your philanthropic intentions live on. We help families engage across the generations.


Would you describe your grantees as meaningful partners? Let us match you today.

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Whether your family is just you or several generations wide and long, family centered giving is particularly unique. 

Contact us for our family-specific resource guide,


We work with an intimate network of trusted estate planners, attorneys, CPAs, business managers, and family offices.

Contact us to learn how adding a philanthropic advisor to your referrals helps you better serve your clients.


Professional philanthropic advising is an emerging field. We're proud to share resources with students and media.

Contact us for field expert quotes within the hour.

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Farrah Azizi

Founder and
Private Philanthropy Advisor

Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy™
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Give Great Group was started by Farrah Azizi, MPA, CAP™. Farrah’s background crosses both nonprofits and philanthropy, informing her current role at the nexus of family-based giving and strategy. As a private philanthropy advisor, Farrah works directly with individuals and family units to help them navigate their philanthropic goals within the context of their specific family dynamics. Depending on the family, this may look like: communicating about wealth and privilege; facilitating grantmaking and family meetings; engaging younger generations and succession planning; or navigating family structures and governance. Farrah creates personalized and custom tools, processes, and plans for families who wish to utilize philanthropy as a vehicle for conversations about legacy, values, or impact. She understands that family, finances, and philanthropy are incredibly personal and her work is always confidential. Before working directly for a small portfolio of long-term family clients, Farrah served The Center on Philanthropy and Public Policy as the Assistant Director. Prior to that, Farrah directed strategy as part of the senior management team at a specialty pediatric health foundation. Farrah started her professional career in the social sector at the world’s largest charity, the American Red Cross, and has been an active volunteer wish granter with the Make-A-Wish Foundation for over 10 years. Farrah is a 21/64 Certified Multigenerational Family Philanthropy Trainer, Global Reporting Initiative Certified, and holds the distinguished Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy® designation. She is a frequent guest lecturer at universities and holds a Master of Public Administration from the University of Southern California Sol Price School of Public Policy. Farrah is based in Beverly Hills, California and works with a vetted group of colleagues that have tax, legal, or financial expertise when needed.


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Thank you for showing me the importance of saying 'no' to the number of philanthropic asks I receive. The philanthropy strategy makes it clear what is and isn't for us, which makes it easier to say 'yes' confidently as well as 'no' when needed. The nonprofit partners you introduced us to have also been wonderful!

Robert, a successful business owner who wanted to audit and add focus to his personal and corporate giving in anticipation of a liquidation event.


Farrah led us through some challenging family conversations with sensitivity, while keeping us focused on accomplishing our family's priorities: passing on our grandparents' wishes and values in a way that offered opportunities to engage younger family members.

 Ruth and Michelle, a G2 mother and G3 daughter, who were working to engage the fourth generation in anticipation of family transitions.


Without your suggestions on structure and daily management, we would still be an assortment of well meaning individuals, instead of the thoughtful and impactful group we are today. Who would have thought it can be hard to give away money in a way that actually does good!

Renee, the lead philanthropist on a giving circle we launched and manage.

Names and identifying features have been changed to maintain client privacy.


Beverly Hills (310) 801-0970
Manhattan (917) 475-6725


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